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Mortgage Refinance in Ontario

Leverage upto 95% of your home's equity for any financial need. Let you equity work for you.

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Benefits of Mortgage Loan Ontario's
Refinancing Solutions

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  • Lower Interest Rates

    Save a lot of money Overtime by Refinancing for lower interest rates. Build a stonger financial future.

  • Avail new mortgage term

    Based on your financial situation, you may wish to extend your mortgage term. Refinancing powers you to lock in for a new term with a new interest rate.

  • Access quick cash

    Leverage the equity of your home for some extra cash. Use it for any purpose such as investment opportunities, home renovations etc.

How to refinance your mortgage?

A mortgage refinance is when you replace your current loan with a new one at a different interest rate, either with the same or a new lender. You might refinance your mortgage to get a lower rate, leverage access equity in your home, or consolidate your debts. Mortgage refinance can be processed at any instance during your mortgage term, or at renewal, this may or may not involve differing fees or penalties.

If you are looking to switch lenders, you would then essentially payout that mortgage to create a new one with a different lender. If you have enough equity in your home, you might be able to use built-up equity in your home to pay-out high-interest debt through a mortgage refinance. Cutting a good deal when you refinance, can be achieved by unbiased advice from Experts.

When should you refinance your mortgage?

The ideal time to mortgage refinance is when the new rate is at least 1% lower than the one you currently have. Or, if you are looking to shorten your loan term. Below mentioned are reasons to refinance your mortgage:

  • By reducing your loan term, you can lower your monthly mortgage payment.

  • Through lower mortgage rates, you can significantly reduce your long-run interest costs.

  • You don’t longer need mortgage insurance

Additionally, you should consider mortgage refinancing if you’re looking to pay off any high-interest debt like credit card bills etc. Mortgage refinance is a fantastic alternative if you are struggling to make your mortgage monthly payments. By refinancing, you can get a longer loan term with smaller monthly repayments.

If you are considering refinancing your mortgage or wish to find out more details, you cannot go wrong with Mortgage Loan Ontario. They are the most trusted and reliable professionals when it comes to mortgage refinance in Ontario.

When should you refinance your mortgage?
Mortgage Refinance in Ontario

Get lower rates in Mortgage Refinance with Mortgage Loan Ontario

If you are facing financial turmoil, you can qualify for a mortgage rate reduction. Our team of mortgage experts will find the right financial solutions to help alleviate your financial stress. We will assess your situation at no cost to you, and help determine what your options are. If you are ready to refinance your mortgage, we will guide you through the entire process.

Our mortgage brokers will evaluate the pros and cons of your particular situation and outline any specific benefits that will help you decide if mortgage refinance is the right alternative.

We can help you save money on your refinance by securing the best rates and terms. With our sound relationship with different lenders, you can rest assured; that we will find the right option for you.

With us, it is easy to start the mortgage refinance process. Simply give us a call and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. For more information on a mortgage refinance in Ontario, speak with our team today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is refinancing and when should someone avail it?

Refinancing is when you use the available equity of your home for quick cash needs. Generally refinancing is done for consolidating high interest debt, home renovations, education etc.

What are multiple methods to refinance?

Refinancing can be done in multiple ways such as break your existing mortgage contract, blending and extending your existing mortgage, adding a HELOC etc.

How can i increase home equity using refinancing?

One of the top most reason for Refinancing across Ontario would be home renovations. You can use your home's equity to renovate thereby increasing your home's market value.

Can i switch between fixed and variable interest rates through refinancing?

Yes, it is possible. But it is not always in your best interests. It would be wise to get in touch experienced agents before choosing to do so.

Can refinancing lower interest rates?

If you refinance with low interest rates, you will be able to reduce interest rates significantly.

Can someone with bad credit score refinance in Ontario?

If you have any equity to leverage in your home, we have a solution for all credit scores across Ontario.

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