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Debt Consolidation Mortgage in Ottawa

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Debt Consolidation Mortgage in Ottawa

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  • Low monthly payments:

    Can reduce interest rates or extend loan terms

  • Consolidate debts:

    Simplify bill payments by consolidation debts

  • Boost credit score:

    Improves credit score by paying off high-interest debts

Helping you discover ways to consolidate all your high-interest debt

The team at Mortgage Loan Ontario can help you with debt consolidation services in Ottawa. In the event you are overdue your rescheduled monthly payments, we can determine a plan that bundles all your high-interest debt into one easy-to-make payment ensuring you don’t miss out on your monthly payments, and over time improve your credit history and regain financial balance.

Regardless of whether you have credit card debt, student loans or other liabilities, you can count on us for reliable Ottawa debt consolidation services. Speak to our team for more details.

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How does debt consolidation function?

Debt consolidation ideally involves taking out a mortgage with a traditional or a private lender to pay off several outstanding debts. Instead of making several high-interest payments, you will only make one regular payment on this new loan until the debt is completely cleared.

In certain cases, banks may ask the borrower to temporarily close their credit card accounts ensuring the borrower doesn’t find themselves in more debt. Our expert credit counsellor can assist you in creating a well-laid-out plan to better manage your income and expenses. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.

Debt Consolidation in Ottawa
Debt Consolidation services

Reasons one should consolidate their debt:

  • Living expenses have skyrocketed and you are finding it difficult to make the monthly payments on time for all your debts.

  • High-interest payments like credit card debt are eating into your budget. Banks are rejecting your loan request due to this very reason.

  • You’ve been managing to pay your debts either via bank overdraft or a line of credit.

  • You are not able to refinance your mortgage to consolidate your debts.

  • You are riddled with a lot of debt making it difficult to keep track of all of them, which has made you miss or skip on your monthly payments.

  • You are experiencing financial challenges like not being able to afford your car loan payments or loss in income.

Pros of debt consolidation:

  • Debt consolidation allows an individual to combine all their debt into one single loan.

  • The loan with a lower interest rate than other unsecured loans.

  • Even though it will not reduce the amount you owe, it, however, will lower your monthly payment amount helping you free up income each month.

  • You can save money, pay off your debts quickly and improve your credit score in the long run.

Pros of debt consolidation
types of debts can one consolidate

What types of debts can one consolidate?

Debt consolidation can be used to pay off unsecured loans such as:

  • Credit cards

  • Utility bills

  • Medical bills

  • Payday loans

Secured loans like a mortgage or car loans cannot be consolidated.

How do you qualify for debt consolidation?

To qualify for a debt consolidation mortgage in Ottawa, one must:

  • Maintain a good credit history

  • Be employed

  • Have sufficient income to make the scheduled monthly repayments

For debt consolidation services in Ottawa, contact our team today for more information.

How do you qualify for debt consolidation?
Ottawa debt consolidation services

Why choose Mortgage Loan Ontario for Ottawa debt consolidation services?

  • They will conduct a thorough review of your current financial situation, which also includes a debt assessment by taking a look at your monthly income, expenses and debts to formulate a debt consolidation plan.

  • Design a budget and money management plan ensuring your finances are back in order.

  • Explore several debt consolidation solutions that best meet your specific requirements to make sure you don’t end up filing for bankruptcy.

  • Explain to clients how to manage their high-interest payments, including lowering their monthly payments.

  • Advising clients on how to build and improve their credit score, stick to the budget, and increase their savings.

Finding the right solution with a debt consolidation mortgage

Our highly knowledgeable and professional counsellors will explain all the options and assist you in finding the right solution that will best suit your financial needs. Irrespective of whether you have maxed out your credit cards or your credit score is not great, or you are experiencing other financial problems that are holding you back from applying for a loan, we can help. The advice and solutions that we offer on debt consolidation are tailored around your needs to best suit your current financial situation.

From figuring out all your debt consolidation options and deciding what’s best for you, to helping you consolidate all your payments into one affordable loan, you can rest assured; that we will help you save thousands on interest payments. Contact our team today to help you in creating a spending plan that will effectively manage your bills and living expenses.

debt consolidation
best debt consolidation mortgage company in Ottawa

Work with the best debt consolidation mortgage company in Ottawa today!

When it comes to debt solutions, we are the name you can place your trust in. We value our clients, and you can rest assured; that we do not take advantage of your financial situation and make it even worse. By choosing to work with Mortgage Loan Ontario, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands. We offer the best debt consolidation services in Ottawa.

Are you ready to be debt free?

If you’re unsure that you qualify for a debt consolidation mortgage or would like to find out more details, please do not hesitate to schedule an initial consultation with our team. Give us a call today at +1 416-262-8937

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Frequently Asked Questions

It can help you save on your expenses by reducing the interest rate. You can consolidate all your high-interest debts at a lower interest rate and then clear them with ease.
As you are clear of your dues, your credit score will improve and hence debt consolidation can help in improving your credit score. Once all your debts and due are cleared, your credit score will increase and you will be eligible for other types of loans as well.
They can be difficult to obtain. If you are seeking one, you should have a good credit score. If not, you may have to keep your house as collateral.
Debt consolidation Mortgage Companies argue that borrowing money at a low-interest rate to clear off loans or credit cards at a higher interest rate can save you money. It can also help you pay off the debt sooner. Additional advantages include having fewer payments to make each month and less likelihood that you'll be late on payments.

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