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Ontario's Rent-to-own program

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  • Overcome bank denial

    Rent to own an alternative way to own house even when banks say NO

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How Does Rent-to-Own Work in Ontario?

A Rent-to-own program helps homebuyers by providing the chance to be proactive in their purchasing process. In a rent-to-own program, a portion of the rent that you pay as a tenant goes towards the down payment for the purchase if you buy the home down the line. By doing this you can buy lots of time to accumulate a sizable down payment amount needed to secure a traditional mortgage in the future.

The buyer and the landlord should enter into two agreements: the rent-to-own “option to purchase” agreement and “lease agreement". A strict due diligence process should be carried out to iron out any future complexities. Be cautious before charting out the program, place emphasis on every possible detail and get sound advice before signing a rent-to-own contract.

At Mortgage Loan Ontario, our unique Rent-to-Own program gives homebuyers an alternative that would be highly helpful, when their bank says “no”!

You can move into the house of your dreams today and own the property in the future. Get in touch with us now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rent to own program?

With rent-to-own agreement, a portion of your rent going towards an eventual down payment on the purchase of the home.You will have the right to purchase the property either during your lease or once your lease expires.

Can Rent to own help me if i don't have a downpayment?

A rent-to-own agreement factors the rent payment and lumpsum need to be provided at the end of the tenure. It does not require a downpayment.

How to Choose investors for Rent-to-Own?

Get in touch with us on +1 416-262-8937. We can provide multiple solutions from best investors in the market, for your needs, to choose from.

Can i avail Rent-to-Own mortgage in Ontario, even if i have a bad credit score?

Rent to own helps in purchasing a home even with bad credit. It enables you to get equity and improve your credit ratings within the lease term

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