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Self-Employed Mortgages in Ontario

Lack of Low declared income cannot stop you from availing mortgage

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Benefits of Mortgage loan Ontario's
Self Employed Mortgages

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  • No sufficient income declared

    Our lenders go beyond traditional methodologies to approve mortgages of self employed individuals. So lack of income proofs will not be a big problem.

  • Better Rates

    We provide the most competitive rates based on your credit history

  • Max LTV

    Avail a maximum of 90% LTV with little or no income proof

What is a Self employed Mortgage?

Many business owners/ Self-employed individuals are motivated to show taxable income as low as possible in order to minimize their taxes payable, which is something many lenders do not recognize. It happens primarily due to the lack of required income proofs.

More often in such cases, traditional lenders such as banks cannot/will not provide any solution that would benefit you. It is also difficult to navigate across to figure out which lenders specialize in self-employed mortgages, or have more favorable terms for the self-employed.

Such are the typical situations where our expertise can help you in saving thousands of dollars. We have worked with numerous business owners and have provided them with the best in the industry solutions for their mortgage needs.

Being self-employed would not stop you from accessing mortgage solutions. Get in touch with us for some honest unbiased advice.

Is it hard to get a second mortgage if you are self-employed?

Applying for a second mortgage as a self-employed individual is much harder than if you’re an employee of a company. However, it is not impossible. It requires a lot of paperwork, attention to detail and much more. Most lenders assume self-employed individuals to be a higher risk as their income source cannot be verified.

If you are looking for immediate funds and do wish to undergo the conventional loan process, you can secure a private loan as the lender will not place much emphasis on the borrower’s credit history.

By choosing to work with an experienced mortgage broker like Mortgage Loan Ontario, we can help secure mortgages for self-employed individuals across the country. For further information or to schedule an initial consultation, get in touch.

We will take into consideration your unique financial circumstances to find you the right lender quickly.

Get easy approval for self-employed mortgages from Mortgage Loan Ontario

If you’re a self-employed business owner, we can offer expert advice on your mortgage path and secure the best rates. Our team will find the right mortgage that fits your business income.

At Mortgage Loan Ontario, we have access to several lenders if you are looking to apply for a self-employed mortgage in Canada. With our experience in the industry, we welcome self-employed individuals looking for a mortgage. Our brokers will find products that are specifically tailored to the borrower’s specific needs.

We are aware that most self-employed individuals are in a better financial position than most salaried workers, and we will ensure they get lower mortgage rates and terms for themselves. If you are looking for a self-employed mortgage in Ontario, Mortgage Loan Ontario can help find the best mortgage solutions. Contact us today for further details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Self-Employed Mortgage?

Self-employed individuals declare their earnings optimized for tax savings. Their declared net income would make it tough for them to qualify for a traditional mortgage solution. Hence our solutions are designed to go beyond income statements to provide self employed mortgages.

How to qualify for a self-employed mortgage in Ontario?

Having a good credit score even with low or no income could help one in availing a self employed mortgage at competitive rates

Can i save taxes through self-employed mortgage?

With a self-employed mortgage in Ontario, you can continue saving on your taxes while still being able to qualify for competitive mortgage rates.

Can I get pre approved even if I’m self employed?

Yes you can. The pre approvals which we provide has guaranteed validity of upto 12 weeks.

How to find best lenders for Self-Employed mortgage in ontario?

Get in touch with us on +1 416-262-8937. We can provide multiple solutions from best lenders in the market, for your needs, to choose from.

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