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Spousal buyout Mortgage in Ontario

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Spousal buyout mortgages

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When would a spousal buyout mortgage be helpful?

When a marriage, common-law arrangement, or another significant relationship ends, the division of assets, becomes a very tedious endeavor.

A spousal buyout mortgage is a mortgage financing arrangement to buy out your spouse's equity in a home or property, in the event of a divorce. Through a mortgage refinance or an equity take-out you can buy up the ownership of an equity on a home.

As such, a divorce/separation is a very emotionally draining process. We understand that in every way. Hence we have numerous solutions for a spousal buyout mortgage, that would provide you with a smooth path in tedious times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spousal buyout mortgage and when should someone avail it?

When a relationship ends, financial obligations such as Mortgages are tough to handle. A spousal buyout mortgage can come in handy in such situations.

Is a separation agreement necessary for spousal buyout mortgage in Ontario ?

Yes, any typical lender would expect a completed separation agreement for qualification of a spousal buyout mortgage program

What is the maximum amount that can be withdrawn?

One can withdraw up to a maximum of 95 % loan to value. The total cash which can be received depends on the equity remaining in the home to leverage.

Can someone with bad credit score avail spousal buyout mortgage in Ontario?

If you have any equity to leverage in your home, we have a solution for all credit scores across Ontario.

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